Lange Boomgaardstraat 6
BE-9000 GENT

T: +32(0)9 391 31 21
F: +32(0)9 279 08 37

Hanna Verdickt

Christophe DESURMONT
Gerhard FRANK

Services Act

The entrustment of information is in compliance with the Services Act.

You may entrust your information to the offices GANDALEX, CONSULTA and network Callant & Vafraechem: 

You may entrust your file to one of the lawyers of GANDALEX, established in 9000 GENT, Oude Houtlei 2:

Mr. Marc CALLANT: 
enterprise number and VAT number BE 0855.671.147


Regarding our foreign staff:

Mr. Gerhard Frank, consult

Mr. Chriostophe Desurmont, consult

Regarding the network Callant & Vanfraechem:

Ms. Lotte Vanfraechem, consult


Every lawyer of GANDALEX, the firm CONSULTA and network Callant & Vanfraechem runs his office in his own name, but they cooperate regulary to achieve the best results thanks to their respective areas of speciality.


The professional liability of any Belgian commercial lawyer is ensured by the Flemish Bar with the insurer SA AMIN EUROPE NV, company number 0416.056.358, Koning Albert II Laan 9, 1210 BRUSSEL. The professional liability is insured for an amount of 1,250,000.00 euros per claim and per lawyer. The client accepts the aforementioned insurance and assumes that any compensation for his loss or damage is limited to the amount for which the lawyer is insured.


Our services:

You can contact the office GANDALEX, CONSULTA and netwerk Callant & Vanfraechem for following services:

  • assistance with negotiations and reconciliation efforts
  • legal advice
  • assistance and representation before all courts throughout Belgium, and all foreign courts, possibly in cooperation with our foreign correspondents.

Our prices vary, depending on their nature. A client can obtain a first estimate upon request after an exploratory meeting.

The agreement entered into between the lawyer and the client is subject to Belgian law. For any disputes, the courts of Ghent are competent. 

For additional information or complaints:

MAIL: Lange Boomgaardstraat 6, BE-9000 GENT, BELGIUM 
FAX: +32 (0) 9234 18 50 
TELEPHONE: +32 (0) 9233 01 03 

Multidisciplinary activities and multidisciplinary partnerships: 

In the course of his profession no lawyer participates in multidisciplinary activities and/or multidisciplinary partnerships. 

All lawyers are subject to professional rules and codes of conduct for their professional activities. You can find the Dutch text on the website of the Order of the Flemish Bars: