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Fees and Costs

The firm strives to make its fee structure and the legal costs as transparent and predictable as possible. 

We will endeavour to have the costs that you may have to pay reduced as much as possible, by looking at any third-party agreement to cover for the legal costs.

We will provide information to our client about the charging of office costs, the calculation method of legal fees (per hour, percentage or forfeiture fee), court costs and any possible remuneration.

Invoices can be sent every month, every three or even six months, if the client so wishes. Moreover, this allows us as well as the client to manage case-related follow-up actions more efficiently. 

When the case is closed, all intermediary payments will be added together, in order to allow final payments to be made, if necessary.

If we win your case, we are allowed to charge a 'success fee' in some cases: a formula applied at the back-end of the successfully ended case.

We have special fees for recovery cases.