Beste Gandalex bezoeker, welkom op de website van Callant & Vanfraechem.

Lange Boomgaardstraat 6
BE-9000 GENT

T: +32(0)9 391 31 21
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Hanna Verdickt

Christophe DESURMONT
Gerhard FRANK


CALLANT & VANFRAECHEM stands for a committed team of lawyers, who are dedicated to best serve your legal needs. Our clients are private persons, local and foreign companies, financial as well as public organizations. 

Gandalex gives legal advice, provides lawyer-supported mediation and represents the client in legal and extra-legal procedures. 

Gandalex has extensive experience in a broad range of areas of the law, on both national and international level:

  • Contractual and extra-contractual liability law
  • Contract law (buying and selling, private and business rental agreements, contracting, business and distribution agreements, concession agreement, agency, recoveries,...)
  • Partnership law, consumer law and business practice
  • Traffic - and insurance law, including corporal damage claims
  • Persons and family law
  • Labour law and social security law
  • Business and real estate law

The CALLANT & VANFRAECHEM firm strives to put forth the strongest efforts to report to our clients and to address each problem.